Save $100's, don't follow other solar panel building instructions on youtube, they are flawed, we tried them and wasted $$$. We spent a few hundred hours perfecting how to build solar panels THE RIGHT WAY. See FAILED projects here

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April 2011 Update - The videos now include 2 methods for
building panels - An "Encapsulation method" and an
"Inert Gas Injection Method".

Also a REAL homemade grid tied solar power system that works!! For $220!! (Click here)

Both methods use parts you can purchase at the local
hardware/electronics store. No special parts to order.

Most designs/instructions on the web are flawed, they might work for a short time but usually fail because of moisture in the panel, corrosion etc.

Kilowatt usage - see our "Design Philosophy" for our solar system. How to beat your power company (Especially in California!!)

Frustrated because your homebuilt panel "fogs" up?
Our design doesn't but we also tell you how to prevent/fix that in other designs.

New April 2011! I have tested an "Inert gas injection" panel construction
process that does not fog up!

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The RIGHT WAY to build your own Solar Panels!!
NEW!! Solar Spa Heater - Heat your spa to
104 degrees for 1 penny a day!!
A real $220 Solar System that works!!!

Tabbing Cells

Failed Projects

Hints on building DIY Solar panels correctly

System Design Philosophy

$1000 power bill - see mine!

Solar SPA heater videos

Future Projects- Put that grid tie inverter to use after the sun goes down! (coming soon!)

Hints on Building Panels Right!!
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